Omar Massad

Omar Massad

Always looking for challenging tasks & Open for freelancing

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About Me

Hello, my name is Omar Massad and i'm 27 years old.

Happily married to another programmer!
That means work from home is more fun now :)

Self-taught programmer since 2008

I'm specialized in developing enterprise web apps, from the server to the backend to the frontend to the API's that talks with the mobile apps such as Android and iOS.

I love to explore new things and to learn new programming languages and techniques like everyday!

And challenges is what keeps me going... so hit me up with a challenging task or situation!

I tend to help people whenever I can, it's my way to give back to the community also I have a saying that "If you want to become an expert at something, teach it to someone else."
So if you have a problem, don't hesitate to message me! And having said that, you also check my open-source projects on Github

Things left to learn/master

-Graduated from high school

-Started Learning PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript
-Started Learning about servers (Linux)

-Started working on Mafia Families (Web text-browser-based game)

-Entered Petra University as Software Engineering
-Launched Mafia Families

-Started Learning jQuery and AJAX
-Mafia Families got 7,000 active online players

-Launched Mafia Families v2
With my own Javascript and PHP framework

-Stopped attending to most of my lecturers in Petra University
-Opened a Computer Maintenance and Accessories store in Jordan, Amman
Along with my friend.

-Stopped attending to Petra University
-Kept learning more about PHP and other trending technologies

-Worked as PHP Developer in SIT-MENA
-Started Learning Zend Framework 1 and other cool stuff
-Worked as Senior PHP Developer in

-Started learning Unity3D
-Started learning about Arduino!
(Love the hardware too!)

-Created Balconeh 3D virtual art galleries and cultures
-Participated with a team from Petra University in Microsoft Image Cup 2013 in Jordan and won the first place in the Citizenship category.
-Started learning Android
-Started learning Titanium and PhoneGap

-Started working as CTO & Co-Founder at RedTroops

-Created Birdy NumNum game. For fun, took me about 5 hours to launch it to the stores from the scratch using Unity3D
For: Android
For: iOS

-Left RedTroops
-Focused on working as a freelancer in Mobile Apps and Websites and learning more programming languages and techniques

-Freelance: 5 mobile Apps and 4 enterprise web apps

-Started learning Ionic Framework

-Started learning AngularJS

-Started working on my own project (On hold...) - Cloned but for Arabs. Using Yii2 Framework, AngularJS, MongoDB and Redis

-Started working on my own project (On hold...) - Using MEAN Stack, and Redis

-Started working as Senior Software Engineer at

-Started learning & working on Apache Solr
Integerated with PostgreSQL for search engine

-Started discovering & learning the Natural language processing (NLP)

-Started a personal project using:

       - PostgreSQL for the database
       - Golang, Gin Framework for the RESTful API's
       - Ionic Framework for Android & iOS apps
       - AngularJS for 2 websites (Front site & CMS)

-Authored Golang - Gin Framework boilerplate

The fastest way to deploy a restful api's with Gin Framework with a structured project that defaults to PostgreSQL database and Redis as the session storage.

-Joined as VP Engineering:

Clearmove is a tech startup headquartered in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

In Clearmove, we believe global mobility has become complex to initiate, manage and coordinate with its outdated tools, inefficient communication, and lack of available data. Clearmove has transformed mobility today, digitizing an entire business for millennials. Clearmove is bringing digital innovation to global mobility integrating customers and vendors on a digital platform to simplify the move.

My role in Clearmove is to work in close collaboration with our the agile software engineering team in Amman to develop and build our cloud based products and internal tools. I work at every stage through the process and work closely with business stakeholders to ensure the shipment of the best quality product and help deliver a technically challenging roadmap.

Technologies: Go, Nodejs, Angular, PostgreSQL, Redis, HTML5, Sass, Javascript, Grunt, Gulp and AWS

Last updated: May, 25 2017 - 11:15 PM
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Mood was: Coding machine...

87% Golang
80% PostgreSQL
76% Redis
95% SEAN.JS Stack
90% MEAN.JS Stack
90% Yii2 Framework
90% ZF2 Framework
80% Cloud Computing
60% Unity3D (C#)
80% Ionic Framework
60% Apache Solr

If you don't program your mind the world will program it for you.

Contact me

Omar Massad

Jordan, Amman

+962 799 20 60 59

[email protected]